Little Aston Bowling Club





 Bowls is one of the most sociable sports, but certain ground rules should always be adhered

to in order that standards are maintained

 Games should always start with friendly handshakes all round and introductions of first names.

 For everything to run smoothly please ensure the following,

 1 .      To be on time for matches and wearing the correct attire.

 2.      Stand still and remain quiet when other players are about to deliver their bowl from the mat.

 3.      The player’s foot must always be on the mat during delivery

 4.      Never stand directly behind the jack when you are at the head.

 5.      The jack or woods must not be moved until the last players reach the head and agree the shot. Do avoid wasting time about a shot, where there is any doubt about which wood is nearest ‑ get down and measure it.

 6.      Please consider other players on the green by not crossing in front of their line.

 7.      During match play, do not leave the green to remove clothing etc. Make your request to someone off the green.

 8.      Give precedence to players who are on the green playing matches.

 You are reminded that when playing in matches or competitions, the mat must be placed within one metre of the jack.

 When playing on small greens it may be difficult to obtain a 19 metre length, in which case approval of all players should be obtained before the mat is moved back.

 LABC 2004