There is an entry fee of £3.00 for each league and cup competition ; the following rules apply:    

 1.     Crown Green Rules to apply for all games plus the Club 4 Foot Rule.

 2.     It is the responsibility of the first-named member(s) to arrange a date and time to play their game within the scheduled date. If morning matches are being arranged, first please liaise with the green-keeper and enter details on the form on the Notice Board.

 3.     Apart from the Final, players to arrange for a scorer acceptable to all players and should not score their own game. The cards to be signed by the losing player and made available to the Captain.

 4.     Cup matches must be played by the specified date and league games should be completed by the end of August. In the event of a player being unable to turn up for an arranged game, that person is responsible for letting the opponent(s) know and arranging a new date. In the case of illness or accident causing a game to be delayed, a maximum of 1 week for a match in any round, except the Final, to be allowed for such game to be played; failing this the opponent(s) to be awarded the game. NO postponement allowed for any game in the Final.

 5.     (a) If a player has to withdraw from any competition or league before their first game has been played, a substitute approved by the Committee shall be allowed.

(b) Should a player have to withdraw from a subsequent round of a cup competition, their opponent to be awarded the game.

 (c) In the men's and ladies' leagues, if a player has to withdraw part way through their matches, any games already played by that pair are void. At the Committee's discretion, if there is adequate time left in the season, an acceptable substitute shall be allowed and that new pair will play all the other pairs in the league.

 6.     On Mondays and Thursdays the Green can not be booked between 2.00pm and 5.00pm. Matches can not be played after 2.00 p.m. on Saturdays or Sundays, nor when an inter-club match is being played.

 7.     All matches are played 21 up. In the case of the Handicap, Mixed Doubles and League games, the player(s) with the lower handicap start at the difference between the two (i.e. "A" Handicap 5, "B" Handicap 7 = "A" commences on 2, "B" commences on Zero ).

 No more than 3 matches being played on the Green at the same time in competitions. 

  No more than 4 matches being played on the Green at the same time in leagues. 

 8.     The winners of the Ladies' and Men's Leagues shall be the pair with the highest number of games won but, in the event of a tie, the winners shall be the pair with the highest points for and then, if still tied, the winners shall be the pair with the lowest points against. If there should still be a tie a play-off to be held.

 9.     Members, by playing their games as arranged, are deemed to have accepted and abide by these rules.

 10.   Doubles and Handicaps: The draw for partners will be based on the high and low handicap of players in partnership. The total partners' handicaps will be aggregated and halved, rounding down to a whole number if needed.

i.e. Handicaps of 7 and 6 = 13, halved = 6.5, rounded down to give a partnership handicap of 6.